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colonoscopy screening singapore
colonoscopy screening singapore
colonoscopy screening singapore

Colorectal Cancer: Prevention Starts with a Colonoscopy

Colorectal Cancer is one of the most common cancers in Singapore affecting both men and women. Colonoscopy is a preventive measure for the disease.

Worldwide studies have shown that early detection and the removal of polyps through Colonoscopy can help save lives.

What is a Colonoscopy?

A Colonoscopy helps in the detection of abnormalities in your colon and rectum. This may include the detection of any swelling or abnormal tissue growths such as polyps or cancerous growths.

Through this procedure, your Doctor will also be able to remove any detected polyps and sample them for any signs of cancer, when required.

A Colonoscopy is done by having a Colonoscope inserted through the anus. This flexible tube is then carefully maneuvered by your Doctor to get an internal view of your rectum and colon.

When Colonoscopy Becomes Necessary:

How Does a Colonoscopy Work?

During a Colonoscopy, your Doctor will have you placed on your side with your knees pulled closer to your chest. Medications will be administered through an IV to help you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

A colonoscope will then be inserted through the anus to get a visual of the interior of your colon and rectum. A colonoscope is a long, thin tube that is around half an inch in diameter and has a camera that transmits images of the lining of your intestine onto a screen. This allows your Doctor to observe any irregularities, remove any abnormal growths and take biopsies if required.

A Colonoscopy is usually not painful for most patients. The entire procedure will take between 15 to 30 minutes.

Preparing for a Colonoscopy

In preparation for a Colonoscopy, patients will be given a bowel prep solution to drink on the night before or the morning of the procedure. This will result in repeated bowel movements to help you clear your stools. You will also be advised to avoid a high-fiber diet at least 3 days before your scheduled Colonoscopy.

What happens after a Colonoscopy?

You will be transferred to a recovery area to rest and be monitored as you recover from the sedation. Once recovered, you will be assessed by your Doctor before getting discharged. It is strongly recommended that you have someone to drive you home after a Colonoscopy.

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About Dr. John Hsiang

MBChB (NZ), FRACP (Australasia), MD (Doctorate), FRCP (Edinburgh), FAMS (Gastro)

Dr. John Hsiang is a gastroenterologist and hepatologist with more than 20 years of clinical experience in public and private practice.

Dr John Hsiang’s special clinical interests are gastroesophageal reflux disease, stomach conditions, fatty liver, and gastrointestinal cancer screening

Dr John Hsiang spent more than five years in the Singhealth cluster serving in the Gastroenterology Department at Changi General Hospital and Sengkang General Hospital.

Clinical interests:

Indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux disease, helicobacter pylori infection, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhoea, hepatitis B, fatty liver disease, management of abnormal liver tests.

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